Spiritual Seekers  Coven


Merry Meet and

                 Welcome !!

  We are glad to have you join us here at Spiritual Seekers Coven.

Our Goal:

We want to have a place where we can bring our children to help pass down our Knowledge and Wisdom to the future of our next Generation of Future Witches.

Our Goal: is for this Coven to be Internationally as well as a full Physically ran by the many Future Leaders that we help to find their way when they are lost or confused and need someone to help them on their path.

Our Goal: Here at Spiritual Seekers Coven all our Members are Family and as a Family it is our Goal to always work together to find a way to make things work for the greater good always.

Our Goal Is to bring more awareness and understanding of the craft and to ask for religious tolerance in our local communities to allow us to be who we are in our lives and to live along with our community without any ridicule or fear.

Our Missions:

We want the opportunity to be able to help our local community with volunteering, running food drives, and doing our part to help out our local families who are in true need.  We also want to be able to volunteer and be able to help out our local Animal Shelters with food, volunteers, and trying to get pets adopted.  

Coven Activities:

Open and Closed Meetings, Seasonal Ceremonial Gatherings, Volunteer work, Coven Pot Luck Lunch gatherings, Classes, Workshops, Coven Rituals, and much much more...

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